Thursday, June 2, 2011


I am tired of searching for answers. Time to look for more inspiration.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Glad to know that I am not the only one

That has been a total slacker when it comes to posting...... I read all the blogs that I follow on a daily basis..... there was so much going on with the slide a few weeks ago that I think that's all I was focused on. Hubby's job requires him to go south nearly every day, so this put a slight hiccup in delivery schedules. It didn't make it any better that the crazies were all on the backroads while he was trying to make deliveries to the locals either. He just happened to be out yonder the afternoon of the slide, and he said it was frickin crazy!

My new passion is SUSHI!! Call me a sushi bitch, sushi whore, whatever ya want to call it, I love the stuff!
Ok, so it's not the raw stuff, though I am expanding my horizons with some of the "seared" stuff. I am a huge fan of most of the rolls. Blue Lake Casino and Sushi Spot are my two ultimate favorite places. I think BLC's Sunset Roll, and SS's Vegas Roll or Trinidad Roll are my all-time fav's.  I have experimented at home a couple of times making a California Roll, or Bay Shrimp Roll as it is called other was pretty good, not perfect rice. Still worth the experience, but so much work! I have high respect for my sushi chefs!

Monday, January 10, 2011

My year in review (in pictures) Part 2

I started to play with the settings, and multiple frames per second during Eureka's 4th of July fireworks show over the one point, I was holding down the button and letting the camera get busy!

 We started residing the next 2 phases of our house.......hubby did 99% of the work ;)

The semi-finished product on side 2, just needs paint (which did get done)

My sister from another mister, aka Hollinator, aka Asshol, aka my BFF Holly!! came back to Humboldt to visit since moving away 4 years ago. We spent an afternoon in Ferndale, and had a hat party!

I was also blessed with meeting and making a new friend, Savannah. I felt an immediate connection with her. Our visit was short lived......damn Humboldt County fog and airport construction! The next time we meet up though (all 3 of us), I am more than certain that we will definitely pick up where we left off!

Oh're such a handsome little guy. You've grown up so much in the last year!

I LOVE Pastels on the Plaza! I almost missed out this year, but I saw a post from a friend on Facebook, and hurried down to Arcata around 5 o'clock and snapped some shots....I really enjoyed this little doggie, leash included around the pole!

 I went out and supported our Lady Corsairs at their first home game of the season. A young team with only 7 players, the have a heart of gold when it comes to the game!

 This little dog comes every couple of months and pays a visit along with my mother in law. The cats don't like it AT ALL. Max is still learning that it is ok to assert his dominance. Hopefully on the next visit things will go better. What makes it worse is that it is only for one day, so just when he gets settled, doggie goes home.

Max was well behaved with the Christmas tree this year. I have to give him a lot of credit for not bringing it down to the ground. Here he is enjoying his new toy he got from Santa!

Here's to a great 2011! I look forward to sharing many, many more photos of my adventures!

Monday, January 3, 2011

My year in review (in pictures) Part 1


A 4 year old took my camera and proceeded to take many random photos......This one had me cracking up. She did a pretty good job of centering herself!

February Max and I watched the Opening Ceremonies of the Winter Olympics.....he was pretty fascinated with anything that was moving!

MarchMax is now 7 months old, continuing to grow, and terrorize our 14 year old cat Bubbas.


I took my mom up to Agate was during high tide, but we still enjoyed our time walking along the beach!


Another road trip for mom and daughter....this time we went to Founder's Grove....Working on photos of trees and the ocean for my sister, who recently moved to Alaska. She wanted a little bit of home on her walls!

I love our California coastline. This little spot that looks back and Moonstone and Clam Beach is one of my favorite spots!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Observations for the week

  • A new stoplight at Harris and Central in Eureka?! What a surprise when I came up the hill tonight to go to Winco. Seems strange seeing it there, but then so was the stoplight at 5th and M when it was first put in.....
  • People seem to be really freaked out around the Mad River bridge construction site. So much that I've been frequently caught behind someone going about 20mph.
  • The crab are coming! I can't wait for crab season to officially start......although a special kitty won't be here to enjoy, I will be sure to "crack a little for her"

Another month down.....AGAIN!

Sometimes I just don't get where the time goes! Often I will complain that the week is going by way to slow (as I just did while talking with hubby a few minutes ago), and other times the days just fly by.....
I feel pretty settled into my new job, although there are still many, many things that I need to learn. I like to think of myself as a quick learner, so waiting for things to come up (trainings, return emails regarding questions I have)....leave me quite impatient at times! More often than not, I end up exploring more files, creating my own spreadsheets, and labeling more file folders so I can keep everything straight! I miss the days of controlling my own office supply budget, and if we needed something, I'd do a price comparison and get it ordered! These days, the belt is a little too tight (which I realize is not just MY case). I've become more of an Administrative Assistant with a slash of accounting, coming from a job that was 99% accounting. I STILL would not trade my job for my old one AT ALL right now! I am in a much better place =)