Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Another month down.....AGAIN!

Sometimes I just don't get where the time goes! Often I will complain that the week is going by way to slow (as I just did while talking with hubby a few minutes ago), and other times the days just fly by.....
I feel pretty settled into my new job, although there are still many, many things that I need to learn. I like to think of myself as a quick learner, so waiting for things to come up (trainings, return emails regarding questions I have)....leave me quite impatient at times! More often than not, I end up exploring more files, creating my own spreadsheets, and labeling more file folders so I can keep everything straight! I miss the days of controlling my own office supply budget, and if we needed something, I'd do a price comparison and get it ordered! These days, the belt is a little too tight (which I realize is not just MY case). I've become more of an Administrative Assistant with a slash of accounting, coming from a job that was 99% accounting. I STILL would not trade my job for my old one AT ALL right now! I am in a much better place =)

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