Monday, January 3, 2011

My year in review (in pictures) Part 1


A 4 year old took my camera and proceeded to take many random photos......This one had me cracking up. She did a pretty good job of centering herself!

February Max and I watched the Opening Ceremonies of the Winter Olympics.....he was pretty fascinated with anything that was moving!

MarchMax is now 7 months old, continuing to grow, and terrorize our 14 year old cat Bubbas.


I took my mom up to Agate was during high tide, but we still enjoyed our time walking along the beach!


Another road trip for mom and daughter....this time we went to Founder's Grove....Working on photos of trees and the ocean for my sister, who recently moved to Alaska. She wanted a little bit of home on her walls!

I love our California coastline. This little spot that looks back and Moonstone and Clam Beach is one of my favorite spots!

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