Sunday, April 10, 2011

Glad to know that I am not the only one

That has been a total slacker when it comes to posting...... I read all the blogs that I follow on a daily basis..... there was so much going on with the slide a few weeks ago that I think that's all I was focused on. Hubby's job requires him to go south nearly every day, so this put a slight hiccup in delivery schedules. It didn't make it any better that the crazies were all on the backroads while he was trying to make deliveries to the locals either. He just happened to be out yonder the afternoon of the slide, and he said it was frickin crazy!

My new passion is SUSHI!! Call me a sushi bitch, sushi whore, whatever ya want to call it, I love the stuff!
Ok, so it's not the raw stuff, though I am expanding my horizons with some of the "seared" stuff. I am a huge fan of most of the rolls. Blue Lake Casino and Sushi Spot are my two ultimate favorite places. I think BLC's Sunset Roll, and SS's Vegas Roll or Trinidad Roll are my all-time fav's.  I have experimented at home a couple of times making a California Roll, or Bay Shrimp Roll as it is called other was pretty good, not perfect rice. Still worth the experience, but so much work! I have high respect for my sushi chefs!

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